4 Reasons Why Flowers Have a Place at Every Occasion

Flowers by their very nature present themselves with many attractive features. The size, shape, colour and scent all come together to create something remarkable and beautiful. As such, they often feature in many of the occasions where people come together, whatever the reason may be.

Take a wedding, for example, the flowers are often considered one of the most important contributors to maintaining the colour scheme. In many cases, the choice of flower serves as a strong indicator of the general theme. At other gatherings, such as funerals, a great deal of time goes into choosing the flowers as they add an aspect of pleasancy to a traditionally sombre event.

Why have flowers become such a versatile accompaniment to occasions of all kinds? 1. They invoke an emotion

Offered as a touching gift or as part of a floral display, flowers have a unique ability to put a smile on peoples faces. Many of us have experienced the tingling on the back of our neck as we accept an elaborate Valentine's day bouquet.

On another note, it’s difficult not to be impressed walking into a hotel suite to be greeted by a colourful bouquet lying on the bed for you.

2. They set the scene

Walking into a room carefully decorated with flowers sets the mood and the scene. At a wedding, gentle background music and white roses makes the entire event feel special and unique. All weddings have many things in common, but no two are the same when the floral decoration reflects the bride’s personality.

3. The decorative possibilities are endless

From impressive arches to creative bouquets, the boundless combinations mean flowers are a fantastic way to decorate, no matter what the theme or occasion. Simple and minimalistic or elaborate and complex, it’s easy to be unique.

4. They can transform a space

Every venue, suite, or function room is blank canvas that can be transformed by the decorative use of flowers. Attending the same venue for two separate events and finding the room unrecognisable on the second occasion isn’t an uncommon experience. This demonstrates the dramatic impact a well-thought-out flower arrangement delivers.

4 Reasons Why Flowers Have a Place at Every Occasion